Intimacy Like You've Never Experienced Before

The Return to Intimacy Small Group Curriculum Kit is the latest and most comprehensive teaching series by Jimmy Evans on how to build inner closeness from scratch, recapture passion and romance, and achieve the highest level of fulfillment in your marriage.

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"You are either married to your dream maker or your dream breaker. And you will never be intimate when you are married to your dream breaker." - Jimmy Evans

Perfect for Churches, Small groups, and Pastors and Couples who want to build stronger marriages in their neighborhood and community.

The Return to Intimacy Curriculum Kit includes: 8-session DVD series, Leader Guide, Downloadable Couple Guides (Unlimited), PLUS a free Leadership Assessment to help you make the most of your group study

This 8-week small group study teaches couples: The four elements of intimacy and how to create and maintain them in marriage. The two most common issues that destroy marriages: Destructive anger and dominance. The secret to restoring intimacy and staying in love. And much more.

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Workbook Samples:   Leader Guide   •   Couple Guide (PDF)


"We have listened to Return to Intimacy many times, but it was attending a Return to Intimacy small group that took the experience to a whole new level. The workbook and homework really brought to light the weaknesses we had in our relationship. The class helped us deal with our issues and experience healing. The curriculum brought strength to our marriage that we wouldn't have known otherwise." - Renee from Texas

"We were at a point in our marriage that my wife contemplated leaving. We both felt like we married the wrong person. Your intimacy and passion series has brought us to a point that we fell in love with each other again. This was so life-changing that I'm presenting Return to Intimacy to our pastor for every couple in our church." - Al from Virginia

"My husband and I watched Return to Intimacy as part of our pre-marital counseling. It made such a huge impact on our marriage because it gave us a great foundation to build upon. We started sharing Return to Intimacy and have now ordered the series as a wedding gift for others." - Tricia from Oregon


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Couple Guide Download (PDF)

Karen and I want to thank you for using this group study to invest in others for the success of marriages and families in God's Kingdom. Our goal is to arm you with the best material for instruction so you can fulfill the call God has placed on your life. I can’t stress how vital it is that you stay close to the Lord during the duration of this study. Spend time with God every day and pray for the grace to lead His people. Commit your small group to God with the anticipation that He will do great things. Know that our ministry is praying for you also . . . not just for the health of your marriage but for every person reached through your leadership. This guide is intended to facilitate your group study, but it's also designed to invest in your marriage on a personal level. - Jimmy Evans

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